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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

There's Not Enough Time

It's the eleventh of December, the tree went up three days ago and my poor crochet chains lie half finished. As I really want them done by the eighteenth I've commandeered the dining table. 

I'm hoping having everything out will mean that the next time the baby falls asleep instead of getting on with housework or feeding my fella, I'll do a few chains instead. The house will be messier, but it will be worth it in the end!

From my spot at the table I can see one of my favourite tree ornaments. Green Father Christmas. 

I remember being stunned as a child when my Dad explained to me that Father Christmas is traditionally Green, and that red caught on after a Coca-Cola advertising campaign. Perhaps it's because being a red-head, green is my colour, but I can feel an idea rattling around in my brain. It's not formed yet, but it's something to do with Christmas green. 

Whatever it is will have to wait until next year as I need to get these chains finished and typing this is taking up precious crochet time as it is! Am I the only one who hasn't finished all their Crimbo crochet yet?