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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Crochet Toadstool Mushroom

As I type this, it's Thursday. However, you'll see it after I get back from my weekend trip to the beach with my sister. We're going for a long walk and scramble about the dunes. We'll also have some time playing in the woods. This is a much needed day out for both us. One of the things I plan to do while there is taking lots of lovely outdoor pictures. UKSN, the group I am part of, has a completion to take a picture of your membership coin outdoors and I want to join in.

Last night, when thinking about what to pack in our picnic I suddenly got an image in my head of a little red and white crocheted toadstool, nestled in some real nature. I knew I had to make that picture real. It was one of those moments where I HAD TO MAKE IT IMMEDIATELY. Does anyone else get those? 

So I crocheted a toadstool as I saw it in my head. It's not exactly amigarumi, as I prefer the texture of mixing stitches. I liked it, but thought I should make another one, slightly different as mushrooms are never uniformly the same. What do you think? I feel like making hundreds of them, but I have no idea of what I would do with them all afterwards!