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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Hermione Crochet Fingerless Gloves | Harry Potter DIY

After finishing my Jumbo Infinity Scarf I decided I needed something for my digits. I already have a lovely pair of mittens, but I hate that you have to take them off to check your phone or rummage in your bag. Hand/wrist warmers seemed perfect. I've also been ill this week and nothing makes me feel better when I'm snivelly and sorry for myself than watching Harry Potter. Specifically, Deathly Hallows Part One, as it's my favourite.

Hermione wears a really lovely pair of hand warmers in it. I won't add a picture as I don't think that's allowed copyright-wise, but you probably know the ones I mean! If you don't a quick Google search will pop up plenty of pictures.

After a pausing and staring for a bit I think they're probably knitted. It's the stripy palette that I like the best though and the cosy look of a jumper with too big sleeves. As a red-head the pink section of the colour wheel is something I avoid as it's does nothing for me. But I do love blues, greens and greys and browns and I had something in my yarn treasure chest that needed using. When I bought the Sirdar Escape Chunky that I used for my infinity scarf I also bought some of the non chunky variety in Endeavour. I love January wool sales.

The colour changes are more obvious in the dk than the chunky and I thought it might give me a subtle stripe without the faff of actually changing yarns. I made them with a ribbed cuff and then plain single crochet (US) double crochet (UK) all the way to the top. I decided to add a little wavy shell edge which Hermione doesn't have on hers. It's an inspired by project though not a recreation and I thought it looked softer than a straight edge.

They were just one days work. I'll be wearing them with my Jumbo Infinity Scarf some of the time and although they don't match like twins they are perhaps sisters. I took them for a spin pushing the pram to the post office yesterday and they made me smile. Toasty hands but free fingers.

One last thing, please tell me I'm not the only person who sometimes pauses films so they can stare at knitwear? I feel a bit mad when I see a 'good' shot and shout 'Pause it! Pause it!', so I can stare at woollies.