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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Ideas Please

I've bought some yarn in the January Sale from my local wool emporium and I'm not sure what to do with it. As it's January, and I'm making my annual attempt at being more sensible with money, I had only gone in 'for a look'.

I could honestly spend hours pawing and poking at all the lovely yarn in there. Drooling over everything and getting filled with ideas for projects that require more time than I have to spare. 

I ended up buying five 50g balls of Sirdar Husky, Super Chunky in a soft grey colour with black flecks. I know I've only just finished my Jumbo Infinity Scarf but I thought perhaps a smaller cowl? Or a jumper that is more holes than solid fabric? I've wanted to make a post apocalyptic/dysatopian looking jumper for ages. I don't think I'd have enough for something like that though.

Maybe some kind of non-frilly sort of shawl/small poncho type thing. I just don't know. But I love the grey shade and it's nice and soft so I need to make it into something! Please please please lend me your creative minds and throw a few suggestions at me.