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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Galleon, Sickle and Knuts Jars | Harry Potter DIY

Like Many people I save my change.  I started out just using one big glass jar. To save time sorting once it gets full I began using a smaller one too, for smaller change. The jars just looked a bit 'blah' though, and as they're always out on display I thought maybe I should jazz them up a bit.

As a Harry Potter fan I wanted a wizzardy theme, and decided I would simply label the jars as if I was Molly Weasley and they were in the The Burrow. The large one for my coppers would be 'Knuts', the smaller jar for silver change would be 'Sickles' and I decided to add a tiny third jar for my 'Galleons' (or two pound coins).

I wanted the jars to look like they had been sat around The Burrow for many years being used to save up for Hogwarts lists, and so look a little shabby. I used plain A4 drawing paper for the labels, but gave it a light tea wash to make it look a bit more like parchment paper.
I tore all the edges rather than leaving a clean line from scissors and I wrote in a brown fine pen so it looked a little like quill ink that had faded over time.

Finally, I gave the whole jar a coat of matte Mod Podge when affixing the label, and then another all over once it was dry. This made the glass look less shiny and new, and more well worn and grimy.

As the 'Knuts' label was the largest and was a little wrinkly from the tea wash it got a few air bubble lines when getting stuck down, but I love it all the same.

That's it! What to you think?