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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Jumbo Infinity Scarf

I've always been the kind of person who only wears a coat when it's absolutely Baltic. I used to get a bit stroppy when I was a teenager and my parents would seem to ask pretty much every time I went out, 'don't you think you should be wearing a coat in this weather?' 

Lately, it's been my fella asking me. He's lovely, but gets super over protective when I'm pregnant.

Up until now we've had a fairly mild winter in Blighty. Between jeans that have an elastic band that reaches to my bra, a camisole, top and an extra person sharing my skin I've been toasty warm. However, we had snow on Boxing Day and since then the weather has been cold enough for me to hunt my coat out only to find it won't close over my growing belly.

Buying a pregnancy coat seems silly to me as I'll only wear it for a few weeks before discarding it again, so I decided to make a really long thick infinity scarf that can drape over the section that won't close. Afterwards, when I'm back to normal, I can wear it alone to keep toasty during that bit of the year where wearing your full winter gear is too hot, but an extra layer is handy.

I had some Sirdar Escape Wool Rich Chunky knocking about for ages and I loved it, but I wasn't sure what to do with it. Well now is it's time to shine and I've got to say the colour transition is sooooo pretty. I'm really happy with how it looks worked up. It looks much better in real life than in my terrible photos! 

The pattern is a free one I found on Lacy Crochet. With using such chunky wool I didn't want a solid fabric and this lacy pattern works perfectly. Warm and pretty. I decided for an infinity scarf versus a normal one because I hate faffing around with even/uneven ends.

It worked up really quickly and I finished it this evening. What do you think? I could only manage to get a photo of it on my own when it's doubled up. When there is no urgent football on, I'll get my other half to take one when its just a big chunky loop.