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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Scarf In Progress

Thank you to everyone who helped me decide what to do with my January sale yarn. I've decided to make a scarf. Once I knew that was what I wanted to make I got a picture in my head straight away of how it should look. Now I'm working it up, I keep making little amendments, frogging a few rows, changing something, getting another idea and frogging again. I'm thoroughly enjoying myself though.

One of the things I love most of all about crochet is being able to turn ideas in my head into actual real life objects. And they actually turn out like how I imagined them! This never happened when I tried to draw as a child. I had such high hopes whenever I started drawing, but the beautiful horse I envisaged always ended up looking like a mangled running potato. I just hadn't found my medium. 

Crochet clicked and I'll be forever grateful to the lady that started me off, as well as to all the lovely blogs and youtube channels spreading crafty love.

I got the idea of using a water jug as a yarn bowl after seeing a photo of somebody who had used a tea pot. I'd been on the hunt for the perfect yarn bowl or spinner for ages to no avail. I was scrolling through my google plus feed a few days ago and I realised I had plenty of things that would work perfectly already.

Anyway, I'm itching to get back to my latest woolly creation. The yarn does look lovely worked up and I know when I finally get the pattern perfect all the frogging will seem worth it. 

I'm actually writing the pattern down as I go for once. So I have a book full of scribbles. I get the feeling my sister might want one when I finish so I want to be able to duplicate it. I have the perfect yarn in mind already. I'll write it up when it's finished, which will hopefully be in a few days and share it on here as well in case anyone fancies making one too.