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Saturday, 10 January 2015

How I made my Hermione Inspired Hand Warmers

I was asked if I had a pattern for the Hermione Inspired Crochet Hand Warmers and as I made them up as I went along I've jotted down some instructions in case anyone else fancies making a pair. They're pretty simple and work up really quickly. I just hope these dodgy pictures and explanation makes sense!

I used Sirdar Escape DK yarn in 179-Endeavour and a 5mm hook. This is written in US terminology.

1. I made the ribbed cuff first. I chained five plus one for the turning chain. I worked single crochets in the back loop only.When the strip was long enough to fit over the largest part of my hand I finished off and joined it together with the long tail I left for sewing.

With it being ribbed it's a bit stretchy so don't make it too loose or once it gets over your hand it will be too baggy.

2. Then I made the main body of the warmers.  As the ribbed cuff is now on it's side, I added the single crochets in the stitches at the ends of the rows and the gaps in between. When you get to the end of the round slip stitch into the first single crochet to join, chain one, thenturn. Make sure you're crocheting through both loops. I think I made a slight increase on the second round so that I ended up with roughly 23 stitches in each, but you'll be making them to fit you so may have more or less. Keep going until you get to your wrist then make a few increases each round (I eyeballed this) so that it becomes wide enough for your hand.

Then just keep on single crocheting until you get to the bit where you would want the opening for the thumb to start. I hope this next bit makes sense....

3. Single crochet along the row as normal and then where the thumb bit would start make a chain of however many you need to comfortably stretch across to the same point on the other side, slip stitch to join and then continue single crocheting the rest of the round. 

You've basically just skipped the stitches that would go round your thumb. 

On the next round single crochet along as normal, put one single crochet in each chain across and just continue when you get to the other side. You're basically just carrying on as you were, but there are now just less stitches in the round. 

4. When you get high enough up on your fingers, for the last round instead of single crocheting in each stitch: slip stitch, then single crochet, then half double, half double again, single crochet and slip stitch again. All the way round, so that you get a slight wave at the top. Cut your yarn and finish off.

5. For the thumb. Join your yarn at the opening and put one single crochet in each stitch all the way around including into the chain across. (You will have already worked into this for the main body.) This will make a little thumb tube. Keep working rows, you may want to decrease here and there so it narrows a little towards the skinnier bit of your thumb. On your last row make a wavy edge as above and you're done. 

This post turned out way longer than I thought it would, I tried not to waffle, I really did! I hope it made sense, but feel free to ask any questions if not.