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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Christmas Cards

I had a quiet hour to myself today, I probably should have got on with finishing my crochet wreath but I had a glue gun that I'd bought but not used and it was calling to me. So I sat down on a big cushion on the living room floor and spread my random crafty bits around me.

I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I just experimented and had fun. When we moved house I had put some of my craft supplies away at my Grandad's until I'd sorted our storage the way that I wanted it. That day has not come yet, so half of my craft bits and bobs were missing.

I'm like a magpie. If I think something could be used for a project in the future, I save it. One day, I will have a whole room just to have as my craft den...

Back to reality, I just made do with what I did have. Buttons, pipe cleaners and pom poms mostly.

I figured out the best way to use a hot glue gun as I went along as I've never had one before. The results? Mixed. I thoroughly enjoyed myself though even if I did end up with hot glue on my shellac nails!

The hour spent relaxing was much needed and now some of my nearest and dearest can have a laugh opening their cards this year as they truly do look as though they were made by a six year old. That's the look I was going for though, honest.