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Friday, 4 November 2016

Crochet Bobble Hat for Woody

My one year old loves his Woody doll, and gets quite stressed if he's hatless for some reason. 'Hat!' Is one of his favourite words. He enjoyed Halloween shouting 'Witch!' Hat!' Repeatedly.

The only problem with his much loved Woody doll, which he pronounces as Wood-oo (sooooo cute), is that the cowboy hat he comes with is quite awkward to get on his head. It's made from fairly stiff plastic and frequently pops off. My little one isn't quite dexterous enough to put it back on himself so I must have Woody thrust in my face with a demand of 'Hat!' at least one hundred times a day.

Enough was enough, so taking a small break from yarn bombing crochet work, I whipped up a bobble hat for Woody that little hands can pop on his head with no trouble. I wasn't sure if his new hat would be accepted by my little monkey, but he smiled his head off when I popped his Winter replacement on. 'Wood-oo Hat!'