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Friday, 8 January 2016

I'm A Big Nerd And I Don't Care!

So, I usually tend to write about crochet. I have many varied interests that make me happy too and I've only just realised that the only thing stopping me from writing about them was myelf!

I adore Bethesda video games. Most of all, the Fallout franchise. Jumping-up-and-down squeaking-with-glee-when-the-postman-delivered-my shiny-new-copy-of-Fallout 4-on-release-day kind of joy. After playing it, I keep coming up with crochet ideas. For those not as cool as me, it's set in a post apocalyptic world which is populated by the decendants of people who had survived an atomic bomb by sheltering in vaults. 

After falling in love with the new installment I have a burning desire to make a grey and black blanket that looks like it has been issued to a vault dweller by Vault-Tec. My inner voice told me not to blog about that because 'the internet' would think I was weird for being thirty and playing video games, and then making crochet projects based on them. A few day ago I suddenly decided I don't really care anymore.

I have other non-crafty interests besides Fallout. I really like survival/bushcraft/prepping, whaterver you want to call it. The great outdoors and all that.

After watching many videos about the items other people carry about their person every day, I decided to make my own. Which I posted yesterday. And, I made it in my pyjamas, with no make-up on. Even though I was tempted to put uncharacteristic amounts of slap on I thought if I'm going to be brave about all parts of the real me, I really sould be the real me, right? Sot, no make-up. and as I made it at night after my little ones were asleep, I'm in my jim jams, and half whispering.

If you're into that sort of thing too, feel free to have a look. Or if you're just generally wondering what's in my bag after reading all of this, knock yourself out.

So basically, I'll be posting a lot more, and not just about crochet. It could be cooking, or books, or my favourite mods for a fictional sniper rifle. Just giving you all fair warning.