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Sunday, 30 November 2014

A Little Bit of Everything

This week I've been hopping from project to project. The table next to where I sit on the sofa has pretty much looked like the photo on the left the whole time. 
I worked a very little on the infinity scarf for my sisters Christmas present which is the maroon chunky wool, then I decided that I can spend my time doing the that once the decorations are all put up next weekend, so I switched to working on my crochet wreath. 

The green wool is for that.I started off leaving my tails with the intention of sewing them all in at the end. I think I'd just got into the habit of leaving them. Before starting my Christmas crocheting I was working on a scarf in the moss stitch and I'd been leaving them to make a fringe. Then I remembered how much I HATE sewing in ends and started working over them. I'm just going to leave one really long one at the end and use it stitch everything together at the end. Much less faffing about.

As I'm going to put the tree and decorations up next weekend that gives me a week to finish my wreath. Once I've done all my stripes I plan to do a few leaves of holly with some berries and then I should be done. Fingers crossed I finish in time.
I really want all the decorations to be as home made as possible this year, so I plan on making paper chains as well as snowflakes and little houses for the window. I just think Christmas and home-made go really well together.

When I got a quiet hour after my big Sunday tidy I decided to start on making my paper snowflakes. To have enough to cover my entire dining room window will take some time so I'll be squeezing a few snowflakes in here and there as well as making stripes in the week.

I've always loved making random cuts and seeing what unfolds . It reminds of how much I loved making them as a child, and how exciting Christmas was then. My little boy will be fifteen months by Christmas time and although he won't remember this year when he's older, I will. I feel like I'm on the edge of making happy traditions for my own family. Perhaps in future years we can make snowflakes together.

Knowing that he's going to have so much fun tearing wrapping paper, playing with new toys and getting fussed by family is making me feel excited on his behalf. I can't wait until he comes home after his visit to his Great Nan's next week and see's the tree all sparkly and paper chains everywhere. If I finish everything in time....