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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sunday Funday

Normally on a Sunday my other half takes himself off to his Nan's house with my little boy for a Sunday dinner. They leave around eleven, come back around five, and I spend almost the entire time cleaning. 

As much as my twenty year old self would have laughed you out of the room if you suggested that the day would come when I would be genuinely thrilled that I would get to spend uninterrupted hours putting away a mountain of clean clothes that had gathered on the tumble dryer throughout the week, it's true! 

I love Sundays. I spend all day headphones on, dancing about in my pyjamas, hoovering, changing sheets and putting washing away. I seem to need at least an hour to put all the things in the wrong place, back where they belong.

After I've done all my housework I have a deliciously quiet bath, where I read, and nobody shouts for me to come and do something else. I should probably worry that I enjoy this so much.

However, with all of my crocheting reminding me that Christmas is sneaking ever closer, I decided it would probably be wise to practice doing a roast myself as it's now so infrequent that I do. I tried my hardest throughout the week to put the clean washing back as soon as it was out of the tumble dryer, and I mostly succeeded.

This meant that there was a moment today when my little boy and his Dad were having a nap upstairs, the roast was in the oven and there was nothing more for me to do, so for forty minutes I curled up on the sofa and crocheted. Still wearing some jazzy flannelette mind you.

I'm currently working on two projects at once, always a wise decision I know! A maroon infinity scarf for my sisters Christmas present and a woolly wreath. She asked me to make it, so it doesn't matter if she sees this . I want as many decorations as I can manage yarn bombed this year.

I started off with a simple shell stitch, then I frogged it and last night switched to Claire from bobwilson123's lazy cluster scarf pattern. I just amended it slightly so that every fourth row I'm doing a cluster, chain one and skipping a stitch. So far I'm happier. That's it above, in case you couldn't tell from my appalling picture taking.

For the wooly wreath I'm just doing different sized stripes of single crochet(US)/double crochet(UK) in different shades of green. I'm soooooo impatient to finish it. Is anyone else working on more than one thing at once? Usually I'm pretty restrained, but Christmas makes me giddy.