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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Christmas Crochet Baubles

It's almost a year since I last wrote. I'm in a new house now, I have a new job, and my little boy is 14 months old, which I can hardly believe. Day to day life hasn't had much time for crocheting, but I'm always thinking of ideas.

Ten minutes here and there on Pinterest and The Crochet Crowd Facebook has given me bags full of inspiration, but until last month I haven't had the time or energy to pick up my hook. I think the change in the weather perked me up. Being incredibly ginger, Autumn and Winter have always been my favourite seasons. Far less chance of getting sunburn and the colour palette is just much more me. 

As soon as I realised I was now getting a whole hour of free time for myself of an evening, I started on some crochet baubles. I've wanted wooly ones for soooo long!

My last big red one has just had its ends sewn in. There are twelve of those and they're my favourites. Perhaps because they came out like I imagined them in my head, which is one of the reasons I love crochet. I wish I could draw, but my hands never translate what is in my brain on to the paper. With crochet it usually comes out like I was hoping. 

I used the remainder of the red wool from last years crochet 'paper' chains. I ended up with about thirty and this year as we are in a new house I thought I would put them on the tree so hopefully having the red baubles in the same wool will look like I meant that to happen!

It doesn't show up too well with my dodgy photo taking, but I found this lovely wool with a gold silk thread and gold sequins running through when I was mooching about the wool shop so I decided to make some little baubles too. I ended up with twenty four little ones. They were probably the most fun as they worked up so quickly. 

And finally I made two of these green, sparkly monstrosities. I had a packet of sparkly pipe cleaners in my craft box that kept shimmering at me, so I experimented. They look very ropy and home made, but I sort of like that. Not enough to make more than two though! I think they look like something that Mrs Weasley might decorate The Burrow with. 

My next task is a wooly crochet wreath, but my delivery of lots of lovely shades of green wool is not due for another few days so I thought I'd use tonight's hour of free time to re-join the online craft community. 

How is everyone else doing with their Christmas making? I love this time of year for idea swapping. Winter really is the best season.