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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Christmas Crochet 'Paper' Chains

I've wanted to make crochet 'paper' chains for a while and as this is my first Christmas living with my partner I thought I should start as I mean to go on, woolly! 

I had a mooch about the tinterweb as I was sure some fellow crafters would already have had a go. All the pictures I found were of bright chains. I do like a bit of colour, but for me Christmas is all about red and green. I'm getting steadily more traditional as I get older, I'm actually looking at those tacky 80's shiny decorations fondly. Remember these?

Don't worry, I won't go this far. I am ruling out any jazzy colour choices though and sticking with green, cream and red for my woolly chains. I've opted for bog-standard Hayfield Bonus DK from my local knitting shop, mostly because as it's 100% acrylic there's not much give in it when it's made up. I don't want my loops looking stretched out under their own weight once they're on display. 

So far I have ten. I need about seventy and also to find my camera as the flash on my phone is useless! I'll crochet a few more whenever my baby is having a nap and I don't have to do something more pressing, like have a wash or eat something. Hopefully, I'll have enough done in time for Christmas and can take some proper pictures of them.