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Friday, 29 November 2013

I Blame The Teaspoon Fairies

The teaspoons in my house keep going missing. As my fella swears he isn't hiding them, and seems to be as baffled as me, I can only assume that Fairies or Borrowers are taking them. This also happens in my Mum's house. We actually had a half hour conversation last week trying to guess what they might use them for. We came up with oars for little boats, shovels and my favourite, putting tiny pizzas in their tiny pizza ovens.

Anyway, as I am always in need of more spoons and Lucy from Attic 24 had a 10% discount code for Rice DK products from fig1 I thought it was a sign from the cutlery gods and bought myself some beautiful blue and green ones.

They're so pretty! If any of these go missing I'll be really sad. Hopefully, as they're so bright and cheerful looking they'll be easy to spot and may last a bit longer than their metal brethren. 

I'm a sucker for a sale though and couldn't help myself from snapping these lovely storage tins up as well. I'm using them for storing my tea bags and coffee. 

Looking at my lovely pretty teaspoons in my horrible messy cutlery drawer (see Crochet Can Solve Any Problem) is making me want to crack on with making my little baskets. The teaspoons have made me decide to make them from t-shirt yarn as I have a lot of lovely blue and green little balls already and opening the drawer and seeing both perfect order and a beautiful colour palette will make my OCD heart happy.

Does anyone else have this problem with teaspoons in their house or any other item for that matter? Please let me know as any assurances that I'm not going mad would be greatly appreciated.