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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I Lasted a Day

I couldn't help it, the adorable mini balls of yarn were calling to me. I wasn't supposed to touch them until I'd finished the Christmas Crochet Chains but they were just too tempting. I've started the rug for my bedroom. There, I've said it. 'I'm Sarah, and I'm addicted to starting crochet projects'

The rug is actually for my fella's side of the bed, that way I can work out any kinks as I'm getting used to not using wool, and mine will be nicer. I'm lovely like that.

I know I want sort of a long runner type affair. As all the nice rug patterns I can find are all for circular rugs, I'm making my own. 

Normally when I make something myself I don't bother writing a pattern for it. As I want the second one to look similar to the first though, it seems a good idea. Exhaustion has rendered my memory useless at the moment . I can't let myself get drawn in any further than to the end of this row, because I'll forget stitch numbers as well as because the Christmas Crochet Chains need finishing.

I always follow written patterns myself as crochet diagrams look soooo complicated. I imagine they're easier to write as you're going along though. I only know two other crocheters in real life and they both follow written patterns too. Does anyone on the tinterweb prefer the diagrams? Is it worth learning how to read/write them?