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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Yarn Bowls and Holders

I've been considering getting a yarn bowl on and off for ages.

This one  I found on Ebay, here. It's pretty and my favourite of what I can find. There are quite a few similar ones on Etsy as well. You can also get cheap and cheerful ones like the one below which also happens to be from Ebay and can be found here.

They seem like such a good idea. I do get fed up of my balls of wool skittering away from me, or dragging on things when I'm pulling out more. Do I really need one though? And do they actually work, or does your yarn end up escaping? 

If anyone has one please let me know what you think of it and whether they're worth buying, or if I'll just end up with a nibbles bowl with a hole in it.

What I really want is one like this:

Yarn Holder Gadget in wood

I found the image on a lovely website, Yarn Classes by Irene Lundgaard Anyone who has one like this seems to have bought it offline though. Does anyone know where I can buy one similar online?